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Home is Where You Hate It

by The Challenged

Add I cup of bureaucracy, 2 cups of hypocrisy, throw in 1500 deaths. Heat for decades until boiling point (erupts a tragedy, an overthrow, your pots overturned, your kitchen is on fire). Stir the masses and murdered politicians, erupt the graves scream anarchy. (ANARCHY!) Peace is an idealistic struggle only brought by the destruction of the violent…more hypocrisy… This is a pyromaniac's recipe. (OH OH OH OH) We're doomed to let our urges manipulate history. The truth is a rigid social structure can't be broke in one piece. And religious radicalism is not helping us see when nationalism and burning flags collide.(OH YEAH) (Not to mention the temptations of a struggling economy).
Well It looks to me like something's changed And the ground we walk on isn't as sacred You're fading in the light Your energy is dying You used to be such a vibrant kid A left-wing activist journalist But you don't believe in the cause And deep inside I know you're lost Head over heels into a confession booth Wasting another Saturday Afternoon But I really don't wanna be A nostalgic guilt trip now I'm sick and tired of the same aspirations Liquefied diets of blank ammunition And I'm sick of just words And not one single action And we're all shooting blanks Once Again Squeeze the life out of the last believer Whose standing on a hill amongst a nuclear winter And he say's "I think there's hope"
An arrival for a 1 month vacation…parents better take a good look at me.They analyzed me from head to toe, holding their mouths open ready to speak. "You're fucking crazy" "maybe it's a phase"…"where did you get your lunatic theories?" "Let's be nice and sit by the table, raise a glass of wine and let me just say" "Wow, my dear boy have you changed, you've changed for the worst, and so let's toast for the future." "Let me layout my plans for you. You get a good job, a wife, some kids too. Don't forget to invest your money, properties good and cash will make you happy. Surround yourself with positive people, not like us, we'll talk shit behind your back. And don't forget to follow tradition, don't you ever stray from the pack". "Forget it, he's hopeless, and you'll see he won't amount to shit. All the time we wasted on him, it's intelligence he'll throw away." Thanks
Ambition 01:48
Hold your nose, let go breathe in the air because the napalm isn't everywhere Remnants of a war declared that just don't matter anymore Peace of mind is all I need as I look ahead, with past beliefs The underprivileged defeat the elite is the headline that I want to read Cuz we wan't it all and we're gonna take it right now. The boss can smell rebellion in the air as the Monday brings out the despair. And allegiance to one, is a failure to all when your vote don't matter anymore From the Americas, to the poor third world we're all challenged under the sword Cuz your happiness has been suppressed and that's what link us to the rest.
The cinderblocks on my foundation Slowly crumbled into the next door subway station I watched the train slowly shatter every remain Spent all this time up until this point playing Jenga with the future of my life Suddenly my finger slipped and I saw it all give way. I'm a bystander in a tragedy that I've made My politics are the same, but the environments changed...It Changed So how do you recover and build a bridge that 's really meant to crumble How do you overcome, self-annihilation And become the man that you're supposed to be Build an Adobe out of a shit heap That's too hot to touch, and I can smell the jalepeno in this batch It's always changing again.
Start Again 02:27
Look ahead, I can't see things I'de appreciate and contrary to popular belief here's the story that starts again And in the circles of repetition please create this bloody incision that's going deeper until I faint and don't revive my worthless state. Oh Oh Here's the straw that broke the camel's back Oh Oh piling up to bury me alive. NO…A bunch of insects feeding on my flesh and here we go, Let's Start Again. Future's here, the past is done and all the things I love move on. Here I wait, but alterations are making me more anxious On top of a hill, waiting to ascend, nothing I can retain comprehensions at a minimum, bring on the repetition I've made the
Every time I look around I find that there is something new something about this generation just makes me wanna puke Preaching this and preaching that but never really coming through promises left out to drown. What's up with this attitude? I'm not doing shit tonight. Leave me Alone. Don't force me to a tragic end it doesn't matter, just depends on how I value a future that's not visible. Going forward, return again, face to face with a dead end sleep through life so fast, depression.
Look who is still alive waiting for the stories end a pick at your luck you can't hold the grains of sand. You're done with your past and you're looking for something used, but where is all your perseverance. I buried my friends in a yard with a time capsule, won't let it open until 5 years to this day. When I feel just as a helpless as a 4 yr old and wondering if you'll follow me through the maze. I scuffled my elbows digging through the shattered glass as bits and pieces reflected back on me. Fragments of lost desperation and regrets, reminds me of the negativity. I lost my mind in a crazy yellow taxi ride, as bright as a wide-eyed youngster in the streets that's waiting for an announcement on the loudspeaker… will you, ever find me.. would you GIVE UP today, would you throw everything away would you GIVE UP today if I asked you to. Never wanted something, always wanted someone. Syndicates flashing new commercials once again.. I opened my buried old time capsule only to find that the shit wasn't there….


released June 4, 2005


all rights reserved



The Challenged Brooklyn, New York

"your favorite 90's punk records eaten by a wild hog and excreted into a Brooklyn alley." NYC punk rock since 2001.

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