Sunk Costs

by The Challenged

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Oh what a day! I feel so vulnerable. A cold sweat on my skin as I slip a letter under your door. It says, "I'm sorry how everything turned out. I wish we both had more patience. Double-standards don't allow the continuation of this relationship." Oh what a day! I had to write to keep sane. A cold sweat on my head as I read your email. It said, "I want someone to be there for me- cuz you are strong and I am weak. In a perfect world we wouldn't have met. Let's not pretend to be friends." Oh what a day.
Fire Escape 03:40
Look at what I've done laying shattered on the ground thrown shit into the fan to cool me down Bandages are futile and painkillers are solutions Guilt and Weakness eats your insides out Irony winks at me bad luck in human form Gravity pulls at me as I climb Live with a mistake crawling in self-hate I'm reliving the trauma here I go...... Falling off the fire escape Crawling for my sanity Time will heal all wounds rehab for my bones Plant the seeds for positivity to bloom I'm passing out again drowsy from the meds Asleep into a nightmare I'll relive...
My favorite part of you is features Your pretty lips, your nice white teeth Why don't you throw caution into the wind And join me for some flowers at my table on the beach, girl. I want the key to the city The city of my town I'm not mistaken for a genius But I know I like your nice long hair I'm not mistaken for a crazy man But I once ran into traffic without a look or a care, girl I want the key to the city The city of my town
Unkind Words 03:04
speak right now, tomorrow morning might be too late and I've got demons ready to escape. One more blow, a fragile ego hit in poor taste, inner regrets can only reconcile. Kind words erase the sorrows of 100 days. A long walk will reverse my self-prescribed mistakes. you packed your bags, folded my sheets back on the bed, disgust and fear blend into paste. Smear it on, it won't be a permanent strong hold, there will be healing left in its place.
Every night hast to end with an act of aggression A pill box of self-sabotage Will you tell me what I want to hear I’ll confirm “we’re both fucked up” With greater risk better rewards We’re playing cards with shitty odds Pulsing libidos cooking thoughts But it’s distracting both of us Fucking the world was a bad idea Indentured servants on unfruitful fields Some days are words flow like waterfalls Today they’re stifled dripping faucets Isn’t it strange just how suicidal we’ve become Pulling strings like automated machines
Hypoxia 02:45
Sometimes it's better not to know because words always have penalties when your mind grabs for straws it only picks out the better things And somewhere very far away in an alternate universe it could be just you and me while humanity's depending on us Now we'll have to strive for something bigger than ourselves Now we'll have to try just a little bit harder Push the boundaries as oxygen runs out Revealing only our weaknesses Sometimes it's better not to dream this ain't a science fiction novel the situation's as it seems and human characters aren't moldable In a dire circumstance living off expired promises and contempt's on the surface but beneath its something valuable
Hindsight 02:51
You didn't ask me to change you just asked me to listen I figured this all out while racing towards the red lights Feel lucky to be mad Fortunate to be sad that's a luxury that only people with time have the grass is always greener truth is always clearer from hindsight the value of any moment can only be appraised from hindsight (right now my only vision) You don't wait for me you close your shades I'm bringing your mail back and you keep waving me away An offer once made a smeared expiration date you miss 100% of the shots that you don't take
She sits idling Union Hall Tuesday, we're knee to knee a sudden crash and I feel the shock "well you live in the neighborhood- keep in touch!" the drinks dry the hipster leave the scene she said she's done with recycling used relationships will never be vintage re-playable tape machines she wants nothing to do with me...
I got so sick of feeling numb so I dragged myself to your going away party. Completely knowing all the risks of being there and sitting amongst your over-educated circle of friends. While everybody's doing better. I sit dreaming out of broken windows. Put the car in park or idle. While I debate reverse and driving backwards. I swallow hard and I sweat easy. Tomorrow morning you'll be across the country. I spit hard from gullibility, this is goodbye, we're too smart to be naive. You're moving on and doing better. I sit dreaming out of broken windows. I think about how far along I've come, and can't help reverse and driving backwards.
Lockout 02:21
Can't say sorry again Won't say sorry again today or tomorrow How was your day Dog pissed on me That's the way my day unfolded Forever is losing time Handles on the inside Stuck on the outside of what was mine I let down I can't do anything you approve
There's gonna be 1,200 miles between you and me you sold your shit and got out of your lease Minneapolis will be frozen in the winter but New York will be colder without you. So Happy Anniversary 9 months, now things change with the fall leaves Who knows where the wind will carry them Uncertainty dances on the side of a dime I know love's not bulletproof precision Loss of controls and magnet poles will misalign Where's the bond to keep us from moving apart
This night is fucking freezing but this island still breathes life and I'll admit that us meeting was nothing but coincidence. We’re just trying to squeeze juice out of limited time and no one is in the predicament of reading each other's minds so let's just stay here while it's honest, while the moment's genuine stay here while we're tourists and the pressures disappear stay here while it's honest, while the moment's genuine stay here while we're tourists then we can go our separate ways This tiny night life can bring repeating faces at times but I don't want to let an opportunity slip by We're just trying to squeeze juice out of limited time when the bar closes let's take the road dogs and appreciate this town.
No Need 04:42
This world can beat but can have no heart On a stoop but lacking the street smarts Let’s get together and see more of each other You don’t have room for me on your weekly calendar I’m breaking down this wall of distance that you made With a drink on Bleecker street Sometimes honesty’s like pulling teeth no need to lie to me I can handle the truth no need to dig a hole Deeper than it was Bear witness to a false presumption That friendships last even when you don’t keep in touch Hear the sound of the bar doors closing shut And I doubt I’ll be seeing you at all


released November 1, 2016


all rights reserved



The Challenged Brooklyn, New York

"your favorite 90's punk records eaten by a wild hog and excreted into a Brooklyn alley." NYC punk rock since 2001.

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