Warehouse Worries

by The Challenged



released June 11, 2018


all rights reserved



The Challenged Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Things Only You'll Know...
Your choice took too long to make
you've exhausted the outcomes
Your patience is just
a cheap knockoff
and you get what you pay for

Sometimes paths in life don't necessarily meet
but when you left you pulled the rug from beneath my feet
and I fall to the floor, try to go with the flow, but what hurts the most is
things only you'll know.

As I drift, I tend to neglect
what a fortunate misery
You're anxious, an emotional wreck
as you stole the pieces of me

I know you know something...
Track Name: Feels Wrong
Sat around the past two months rereading every text message, so I booked a flight to the west coast to outrun my thoughts. I drifted through Los Angeles hoping to forge experiences, you followed me on vacation- I clearly lost.

It feels wrong, ever since you quit me.

Found myself in San Diego drinking beers on a bar patio, unseasonably cold and uncomfortable, thinking of you. I've sat around the past two months evaluating every outcome, a decision made for both of us...all is lost.

It feels wrong, ever since you quit me.
It would feel right, if you were here with me.
Track Name: The Current
I can't wrap my head around this anymore. This past year has been too much for me to absorb. Wasted 2 1/2 years with someone horrible. Didn't have enough time with someone I adore.

We threw love into the river, watched it break apart on stones and foam away. There's nothing left to recover, no lessons to be learned...this current leads to a fall.

Control is the shadow I cast by circumstance. I'm holding you saying "it's ok" trying to convince myself. Luck runs out and memory comes to collect the debts (the funhouse mirror, warping your fears) telling you what you lost.
Track Name: Fast Metabolism
You're taking, I'm giving
you'll win in this exchange
I've showed up, you're leaving
before the heavy lifting
My last bet, a weight around my neck
Could I gave more of myself?
Back again, in the center of bed
wondering if I stood a chance.
I miss you, I'm breathing hard
here at 4am
Avoid me, ignore this
live in risk assessment
My last leg wrapped up in a cast
I'll never walk the same
I'm riddled now with my doubts and your silence
Track Name: Poor Timing
5 years in and you're filled with panic, you're gonna scrap to begin again. Simplify, get rid of cluttered city life. Will I be in your trash bags?

I guess you can say our timing was so poor
the sum of frustrations we've learned to ignore
the boiling point approaches- how long until the water
spills on the floor and we've got third degree burns?

This city gets the best of you- bites, scratches and chews. You're a discarded dog toy. You'll ask me to move, give up a life and choose...a decision with no time.
Track Name: What Kind of Person
Somebody ought to know just how you got so cold, left me here with your purse and came back with a poor excuse. Night is closed as you mouth "bye" through the window, the only noise I let in is my pulse everyone in this bar is too distant. Someone ought to explain why there's so much ice in my drink, too much ice in your heart, numbed out all my parts. What kind of person are you? Do I get to walk you home? No mixed messages this time, I cross the street and see your sneak out your house. Night is closed as you mouth "bye" through the window, the only noise I let in is my pulse, everyone in this bar is too fucked up.