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We'd like to welcome all our guests. Put them up in a 5 star hotel. We'll have you gamble away your life and make sure you leave with no parting prize- Agreed?

Tell him, tell him, what he's won!

You won a wife and 3 lovely kids. Remember when you left them abandoned. Stranded on a desert island, child support they're still awaiting, while you're having the fun of your life.

What a regret you don't forget the feeling you get with every step- you've turned away from the things that can bring you the greatest fulfillment. And I can say that departing ways can change the way we've been brought up to think. But don't you know there's always people dependent on you?

Tell him, tell him, what he's won!

"But where is my. consolation prize?"


from 7 Guys, 1 Cup (split with Nancy), released June 8, 2008


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The Challenged Brooklyn, New York

long-running New York City Pop Punk Band. Formed in 2001 and playing to dozens and dozens of fans all around the USA. 7th full length, Wallfighter, out in May 2020.


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